About Delish

Delish Cupcakes

Lisa and her daughter enjoying something Delish!

Lisa Matulis, a lifelong baker, fueled by her passion for food and dessert, opened Delish in 2009. A midwest girl, turned model, turned Mom, Lisa began her catering career supplying cookies and other treats to photo shoots on location and other small events within New York City. After moving to Austin, she decided to put down roots and share her love of baking and appreciation for delectables with the rest of the world.

Delish invites you to stop in and enjoy the tantalizing aroma of desserts being made from scratch in the back while treating yourself to a cupcake and a chilled glass of milk or sit outside, sip on a french pressed coffee and watch the people and the city go by.

Follow Lisa at www.thedelishlife.com and her adventures in pursuing a delish life, a compilation of all that inspires her – business, family, design and… baked goods!

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Delish is thrilled to call the 2nd Street District home! Click to learn more…

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