Daily Cupcake Menu:

$3.00 each… buy 11 get one FREE

  • mexican vanilla…  mexican vanilla cake + mexican vanilla buttercream

  • lemon zest…  light-lemon cake + lemon zest buttercream

  • strawberry z…  strawberry cake + strawberry buttercream

  • black & white…  chocolate cake + mexican vanilla buttercream

  • chocolate…  chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream

  • cookies & cream… chocolate cake + cookies & cream buttercream

  • carrot…  carrot cake + cream cheese icing (no raisins or nuts)

  • vanilla/chocolate… vanilla cake + chocolate buttercream

  • red velvet…  traditional, light-cocoa cake + cream cheese icing

  • daily special…  call for daily special 512-473-4118

Black & White Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)Chocolate Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Carrot Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Mexican Vanilla Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Red Velvet Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Cookies & Cream Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Strawberry Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Lemon Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)Vanilla with Chocolate Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)Longhorn Football Cupcake/Delish Bakery (Austin, TX)Heart Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)S'more Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)BananaChocolate Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)Longhorn Football Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)Firetruck Cupcake/Delish Bakery(Austin, TX)

Bulk cupcake pricing:
2+dozen/10%         4+dozen/15%         8+dozen/20%
Petites:  5+dozen/5%       10+dozen/10%       15+dozen/15%       20+dozen/20%

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