Sweets Vs Grilled Foods

Sweets Vs Grilled Foods

Sweet foods or confectionaries are foods that are low in micronutrients but high in calories and are defined by the sweeteners present in them. Confections include sweet baked goods (known as bakers’ confections) normally served as dessert after meals and sweet sugar founded foods (sugar confections) which are consumed as snacks. In addition to this, chocolate confections are sugar-free. Grilled foods combine smoky, and marinade flavors which give the food an amazing fresh taste and look that come from radiant heat which quickly cooks it. Grilled meat is healthier compared to fried foods since coating with batter specially if it was cooked on these pellet, or even grease dripping is not necessary.

Both baked and sweet sugar founded confectionery are traditionally offered to guests as a gesture of hospitality. They are commonly purchased by tourists during their travels and as part of their souvenirs. Sweet foods are used as event or celebration markers as in the case of birthdays and weddings. Grilling is a common practice in our restaurants today; foods can be served as part of a meal’s course. In other setups, most outdoor activities such as camping call for a quick and convenient method of on the budget food preparation which is very often grilling .

Excessive intake of sweet foods is highly associated with increased occurrence of diseases and food disorders such as diabetes (type 2), tooth decay and obesity. Contaminants such as high levels of lead and colorants found in sweet foods are harmful to children. Colouring agents such as tartrazine are particularly known to cause asthma and allergic reactions. On the other hand, grilled meat increases the dietary intake of fats, cholesterol, calories and saturated fats. Grilling red meat, fish and poultry produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), as well as heterocyclic amines (HCA), compounds found on the meat’s charred exterior. The two compounds are potentially known to cause cancer.

Some coloring agents in confectionary have restrictions all around the world and have been phased out in some of the countries. Contaminants such as lead have a 1 ppm restriction in the US. Though most sweet foods contain sugar, one should aim at finding other beneficial but lower sugar options with the low-calorie count, more fiber but maintaining the pleasure, taste as well as texture or stick to little amounts of sugar founded foods or snacks. Grilled fruits and vegetables are an appealing way to serve with the grilled meat and are known to have substantial health benefits to the body. These mitigate the risk of contracting heart diseases, obesity, some cancer types and even stroke. The reason for this being PAH and HCA compounds do not form on fruits or even vegetables. When grilling it is important to limit fat dripping on the coal, this can be done by lean cuts of the meat. Minimize the time spent in grilling by precooking the meat in a microwave or cut the meat into smaller portions. More importantly, it is wise to get fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants in the same meal as the grilled meat. There you have it folks; a comparison of sweet and grilled foods the choice is yours to make.

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